The first week

11 Jan

The first week of the semester is done, and it was a good one, for the most part. My classes this semester include C#, Discrete Structures, Trigonometry, and Intro to Humanities.

C# so far, has been good. It’s pretty similar to Java, so it’s been easy to pick up. Then again, it is only the first week. It’ll be a good experience.

Discrete Structures is my advanced algorithms class. In this class, my teacher hates Java with a passion. It’s kinda funny really. Because of such, and for the sake of improving ourselves, we are required to learn a new language. Since I’m already taking a C# class, how similar it is to Java, I chose C# as my new language. I also plan on teaching myself Ruby on the side as the semester goes along. I wanted to try Objective-C, but with it’s steep learning curve, I didn’t want to subject myself to that kind of stress right now. Doesn’t mean I can’t teach myself later.

Trig, much to my surprise, I still remember some of it from 5 years ago. It’s amazing how much one can remember. I have a great teacher who explains everything really well in my opinion. Should be a good semester.

Finally, Humanities. Don’t have much to say about this class because I haven’t been able to start it yet. Being an online class, it can have technical difficulties, and it has. I’m going to try to switch it with World Religions. Either one will fill my Humanities requirement, but World Religions sounds so much more interesting.

That’s all for now. Till next time, whenever that may be.

Have a good ‘un.



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