Back to the grindstone

7 Jan

I have been a major slacker in the way of posting on here as of lately. Oh well, such is life. It is that time again to start back to school. Last semester went very well, and this next one looks to be an interesting one. As of right now, I have mixed feelings about it. With the classes I’m taking, I’m excited for the challenge and the learning experience, but I occasionally wonder if I’m biting off more than I can chew. I guess we shall see.

Not much else has happened. Over Christmas break, I planned to work on some of my side projects, and instead, for the most part, spent my break watching Netflix. Not productive, but I guess it’s what I needed because I feel very refreshed and ready to take on this coming semester. Had I tried to be “productive”, I would have spent my entire break being busy, and thereby defeating the purpose of the break. Next time though, I think I’ll read a book…maybe.

That’s all for now. Farewell, and I shall try to be better at posting, but if you don’t see anything for the next four months, just chalk it up to lots of complex code.

In case your curious as to what I’ll be doing, here’s some info:

Discrete Structures


Traveling Salesman Problem


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