And thus the semester begins

24 Aug

Today was the start of Fall semester at SLCC. So far, not bad. Although I was reminded of how inconsiderate people can be. I’m taking Math 1050 (College Algebra) this semester on the 3rd floor of what is called the Technology Building. The main ramp to get me in the building puts me on the second floor, requiring me to take the elevator one floor up. Not to big of a deal, until after class got out that is. Trying to go down one floor took 20 minutes! 20! 6 elevators went by that were full of people who were too lazy to take the stairs. 6! And two of the times there was plenty of room for me to get on until others just crammed onto the elevator. Really aggravating! On a plus side though, I have a cool math teacher. He reminds me of my high school math teachers Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Strang. The inconsiderate people using the elevators is the only thing wrong with this class. Maybe I should bring a cattle prod 😉 .

My other class on campus, Computer Engineering, seems like it’ll be a lot of fun. We have a full house, and they all seem like a lot of fun people. The teacher seems pretty cool too. It should be cool. The class is based around group projects and that will be interesting and fun.

Overall this should be a fun semester. Just so long as I keep a good attitude about it. It’s all about the attitude.

On a side note, it’s been one week since leaving Facebook, and it’s been kinda nice. I do miss seeing what people are up to all the time and talking with one certain person, but I will survive for 3 more weeks.

That’s all for now. I need to start homework. Bye!



One Response to “And thus the semester begins”

  1. Spencer Duckworth August 27, 2011 at 19:35 #

    hope you have a fun year of school 😉

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